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Descriptions of Lists

SAFE provides and manages several Support and Discussion e-mail lists:

SAFE STROKE SURVIVORS: Also known as "Folks with Strokes," a friendly group of folks, and the only support list on the Internet devoted strictly to the needs of the survivor. Some socializing, but generally on-topic, with lots of support and discussion about coping with stroke. Stroke survivors of all capabilities are welcome to join this list, even if help with the computer is needed, or if the survivor has some language and communication difficulties. A very active list.

SAFE CAREGIVERS: The oldest, largest support and discussion list on the Internet, exclusively for caregivers to stroke survivors. Our members include people who are brand new to caregiving, and many who have been caregivers for years, willing to share their many experiences. If you are a caregiver, you no longer have to face this challenge alone. Strictly an on-topic list about caregiving and stroke. A very active list.

SAFE GATHERING: Our SAFE Community of stroke survivors, caregivers, family members and friends -- where stroke isn't the topic! A place to chat about personal interests, life events, hobbies, and make new friends. A great list for people who have been living with stroke for a long time and are eager to participate in life beyond stroke -- because there really can be one! A very active list!

SAFE STROKE DEVELOPMENTS: Share in the latest news and developments about stroke prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation! Anyone with an interest in stroke is invited to join this list, including stroke survivors, caregivers, family members, friends and medical professionals. This list is for sharing/discussing news and information, and is not a support group. All posts to this list are approved by a moderator prior to posting, to ensure on-topic relevancy. Light to moderate volume.

How to Join

If you are interested in joining any of SAFE's Discussion Lists, please write directly to In that e-mail please BE SURE to indicate which list(s) (Survivors, Caregivers, Gathering or Developments) you wish to join, and whether you are a stroke survivor, a caregiver, or have some other interest in learning about stroke. This is critical information and you will not be added to any lists if the information is not provided.

Information About SAFE List Management

Our SAFE support lists are managed by LISTSERV software and work as follows:

(1) All communication takes place via private e-mail. Thus, no posts appear for public viewing anywhere on the Internet (and only list members have access to the private archives).

(2) Members' posts are sent a single e-mail address that goes directly to a master computer.

(3) The master computer (also known as a "server") then automatically redirects each post to all the private e-mail addresses of the list members.

Members who join SAFE's lists are carefully screened to be certain they are not solicitors, researchers nor others who might be using our lists for anything but personal support and learning about stroke. Also, in order to protect the privacy of our members, we also do not share the membership lists with ANY person or organization outside of those approved SAFE personnel who manage the functioning of the lists. Full membership lists are also not available to anyone, including members, but only to the list managers.

To ensure a positive support and discussion environment, all SAFE Discussion Lists are led by experienced List Facilitators to keep discussion friendly and productive. While all levels of emotions (whether positive or negative) about stroke are expressed and encouraged, we expect all SAFE List Members to always treat fellow group members with respect and understanding.

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