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Stroke Caregivers Handbook

In order to help new caregivers to stroke survivors, a task force of experienced caregivers, through SAFE, took on the challenge of creating a "guide" for those who desperately need help in dealing with the crisis of stroke. If you are a new caregiver, you undoubtedly feel completely alone, overwhelmed and confused-and without the "tools" you need to do battle with hospitals, insurance companies, therapists, doctors or even to understand what stroke is really all about. We can't make it all go away, but we believe this book will truly help you through this immensely difficult time.

The 42-page Stroke Caregivers Handbook is downloadable for FREE to caregivers in need of this important information.

For text-only versions of individual chapters (no pictures or special formatting), click on each chapter below:

Chapter 1 - Stroke: An Equal Opportunity Attack
Chapter 2 - Acute Care
Chapter 3 - Moving On to Rehabilitation
Chapter 4 - Home Sweet Home
Chapter 5 - Nursing Homes - Never Say Never (Again)

To download the entire Caregivers Handbook, as a book (2 MB), click here: Caregivers Handbook in PDF format.

PLEASE NOTE: The above file is in the PDF format and uses Acrobat Reader to read the file. If you do not already have this software, you may download it without charge from Adobe Software.

For more caregiver help and support on a daily basis, please consider joining the SAFE Caregivers E-Mail Support Group. To learn more: click here.

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