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Welcome to SAFE

SAFE (Stroke Awareness for Everyone, Inc.) is an international Internet-centered coalition of stroke survivors and their families, in addition to doctors, nurses and therapists involved with stroke.

Stroke is the #1 cause of long-term disability, yet few understand stroke or its prevention. No matter what you may believe, stroke can and does happen to anyone—young or old, fit or couch potato, rich or poor.

SAFE's fundamental purpose is to serve the needs for support and recognition of our stroke-affected members, who come from all over the world. Through our awareness efforts, SAFE seeks to be a voice for the stroke community, speaking out together about stroke—easily one of the most underrated and preventable medical crises of our times.

Stroke—like a bolt of lightning out of nowhere—can kill or severely disable those whom it strikes. Thus, many of those most deeply affected by stroke are unable to speak out against society's apathy and ignorance about this condition. Unlike many who survive heart attacks or cancer, stroke survivors are often cut off from the outside world—a world that understands little about stroke, and where its destruction could be largely prevented, were our societies at large (general population and the medical profession) better educated.

We are pleased that you are here. If you are a stroke survivor or a caregiver, we want to do everything we can to help you cope with the devastation of stroke. We are here to provide friendship, understanding and encouragement through our support groups—and to help you find the information you need through our links and resources. We are members helping members, who will, in turn help other members. A SAFE haven for all.

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Last Updated Aug. 13, 2006

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